Helping people in disadvantage take power over their own life, connecting them with empathy and inner strength by the action of helping others.



This workshop was designed as an educational tool to help diminish the high levels of gender violence that citizens of Mexico live every day.



We reunited the talents of a writer, an illustrator and a couple of editors to give life to this unique story and make its existance philantropic.



We contribute with people and groups to build a more sustainable Mexico (ecologically, economically, culturally and socially) and multiply their social impact.



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Chairman / Bookbank USA

Andrew Kluger

This non-profit's performance and the professionalism is top-notch. The team has helped us greatly with strategic planning.

Alejandrina Franzoni

We dreamt about an urban orchard; it has brought a new, attractive and beneficial activity for our elders.

Julián Mayorga Huerta

This project is very beneficial for the elders. They are usually very private, but with these visits they have become more open, more tolerant and even participate more. It cheers them up and helps them get through the day, it motivates them.

General Manager / Centro el Recobro A.C.

Rosa Esther Orihuela

It was wonderful to see how the girls connected greatly with the elders in the activities, the games and everything they do.

General Manager / Casa Betti I.A.P.

Pilar Juárez

It was wonderful to see how the girls connected greatly with the elders in the activities, the games and everything they do.

SubDirector / Casa Betti

Juan Carlos Guzmán

Their commitment with the different social causes are an example to all.  With innovative ideas that reach elders and children in vulnerable situations as well as the environment, they make Kintsugi an organization to watch very closely. Congratulations!

Natalia Duarte

For the children, Germinating Ties represents a new way of perceiving themselves. They have their “grannies” in their hearts all the time, plus they get knowledge, culture and also fun! And of course social sensibilization.

Guadalupe Gutiérrez

The experience that the girls had with Germinating Ties” has planted a lovely seed in our girls’ hearts. They learned to value the importance of sharing their time with others and learn from valuable people, experiencing love and empathy.

Foster home resident

13 year old girl

I want to share with you that this has been the best day of my life; when I'm older I want to have a mansion for grandparents.

11 year old girl

When I visit the grannies I feel happy because they make me feel something beautiful in my heart; I feel as if they are our family.

Taller 13/11/17 @CDMX / Sumando por Ti, A.C.

Staff Member

I recommend the workshop: De Género en General (sic) because it's informative, formative, precise and clear.

Nora López

We've worked very well with the Book with Cause project; both the children and the staff love the story.


Organización de Líderes Altruistas Kintsugi became a non-profit association with no political or religious affiliation in 2015 in Mexico City, with the intention of adding to the collective and individual efforts of others that dedicate their time, resources and efforts to build a sustainable living condition in Mexico environmentally, economically, culturally and socially.

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Our non-profit supports altruistic organizations or people that support social projects that benefit preferably minors, women, elders and non-human living beings (plants, animals, water), as well as develop our own projects.

We have two projects:

Also, we exchange help with other non-profits to potentiate projects that help create a more sustainable city and country.

Being a non-profit means that we support ourselves and our projects with the help of donations and the sale of our “for cause” products” like the “Of Gender in General” Workshop, our t-shirts and coffee mugs.

No. We don’t sell nor install orchards. Thanks to donations we managed to install two orchards in two elder retirement homes in Mexico City to run the program “Germinating Ties”, which involves the elders from the homes and children that visit them from foster homes. There’s a surge in urban orchard developers in Mexico City and throughout the country. SEDEREC in Mexico City is a good place to start searching for options.

We are still in the process of achieving this with the corresponding government offices, hoping we will be able to do so in 2018.

Liaisons, professional and technical link-ups, publicity, workshops, personalized assessment, inclusion in our donor and volunteer network, promotion and co-creation of products and projects with cause and publication of results.

Have a project in its initial or progressive phase which preferably benefits minors, women, elders or non-human living beings (plants, animals, water); be supported by people, organized groups or non-profits established in Mexico; proof of career or life path of altruistic and/or social work in Mexico; have a transparent and auditable process.

If you think your project matches our goals, contact us to know more about it and evaluate the best way to support and help you.

Please write us an email to get in touch and evaluate the best way to support and help you.

Indeed, and after you complete it we will issue the corresponding letter of attendance.

We currently have agreements with the following colleges in Mexico City:

  • UAM Cuajimalpa
  • ENAH
  • UNAM

You can be a local or foreign volunteer directly with us and/or we can channel you with the non-profits that we work with, depending on the existing projects. Write us a note! We do reserve the right to select our volunteers, thank you for understanding.


Yes and we can help you! Please contact us!

“Kintsugi” or “Kintsukuroi” is a word in Japanese that means “to repair with gold” or “golden repair”. It’s “the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery with lacquer dusted or mixed with powdered gold, silver, or platinum, a method similar to the maki-e technique. As a philosophy, it treats breakage and repair as part of the history of an object, rather than something to disguise.” (Source: Wikipedia 2017). It’s part of a philosophy that states that breaks and repairs are part of the history of an object and must be shown instead of hidden, stand out and do so to enhance the beauty of the object, manifesting its transformation and history. We apply this philosophy to our work: as organized altruistic leaders, we can be agents of change in Mexico and help to “repair” with our daily efforts some of the “breaks” of our country, thus beautifying it and making it a more sustainable place to live a happy life.




Insurgentes Sur 1431 – 10th Floor, Colonia Mixcoac
Benito Juárez, Mexico City, Mexico. 03910



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