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Organización de Líderes Altruistas Kintsugi got registered as a “Civil Association” (Mexican name for non-profit NGO) with no political or religious affiliation in Mexico City (CDMX)  in 2015, with the intention of adding to the collective and individual efforts of people that dedicate their time, resources and efforts to build a living situation in Mexico that is socially, culturally, economically and environmentally sustainable. It closed its doors on 2020 due

The project that gave birth to O.L.A.K.A.C. was a book titled:  “El Árbol o Recuento de una Vida Inanimada”, a “book with cause” that donated its profits of its sales to another non-profit that focuses on fostering unattended children known as Aldeas Infantiles SOS México.

We are convinced that it’s possible to create a more harmonious reality if our thoughts, words, feelings and actions are congruent with the following values: respect, love, empathy, equality, honesty, reciprocity and a service attitude.

In 2017 we started two more projects: the Interactive Workshop “Of Gender in General” to help decrease de number of gender violence victims, and “Germinating Ties Between Associations”, that benefitted children from foster homes and adults that live or day-care at elder homes by getting them together to care for a vegetable garden or urban orchard.

We also exchanged help with other organizations of the civil society that are non-profit, to potentialize projects that help create a city and a country that are more sustainable. Some of the non-profits we worked with were: Aldeas Infantiles SOS México I.A.P.,  Casa del Adulto Mayor Arturo Mundet, I.A.P., Ollin Quetzá, A.C., Campamento de Protección a la Tortuga Marina Playón de Mismaloya, Amauni A.C., Casa de la Divina Providencia I.A.P., Sumando por Ti A.C., Yolia A.C., Casa Hogar El Recobro A.C., Casa Betti I.A.P., Ayuda y Solidaridad con las Niñas de la Calle A.C., Casa Paidi I.A.P., Hogar Infantil María de Jesús R.R. I.A.P., Casa Esperanza I.A.P., Casa Perpetuo Socorro, I.A.P., Hogares Providencia I.A.P., Funfai, I.A.P. and Fundación Casa Alianza México, I.A.P.

Through our actions and support of actions of others we aimed to plant positive seeds in people so that they might multiply in benefit of others, especially those who have it hardest in Mexico: children (underage minors), women, elders and non-human living beings: animals, plants and water. Our activities were possible thanks to the support of our sister association BookBank USA and its kind donors, who provide the necessary resources to make these projects a reality.

Our motto, known as the “Golden Rule: Love and do unto others as you would have them do unto you”, reflects the nature of our actions and the commitment that we have with our cause, which provide us with personal satisfactions and shapes our path every day.