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1st “Gender Equality Culture WorkShop” in San Francisco, CA.

Category: Gender Equality WS
Date: August 2019

After two years of its creation in Mexico City, our Gender Equality Workshop had its successful debut in the city of San Francisco, California (United States) the last week of August 2019. For this first workshop we had the attendance of the Head of Logitech, some of his young colleagues, and our new partner, the General Manager of Gender Bridge. After learning about our original workshop, she invited us to partner with Gender Bridge and deliver our in-site workshop to their Silicon Valley customers. The necessary adaptations were made to comply with the current law, with the English language and with the culture, since many of the companies have multi-nationality teams.

Since the beginning of 2019, “training for the prevention of harassment at work” is mandatory in companies with more than five employees in the states of California and New York. Being a mandatory workshop that is often taken online, participants often consider it a tedious training that doesn’t always convert to positive changes in their work environment. Our workshop is different from other face-to-face workshops that currently exist in the market, as it includes different videos that contextualize the information, as well as focusing not only on the legal aspects but also on the limits and behaviors that optimize teamwork and therefore improve the results of labor productivity. Attendees were very interested in the new knowledge provided to them, actively participating with questions and comments. At the end, everyone said that this workshop had given them new and useful information that is also practical to apply in their work and personal life.

The original workshop was designed by Master Ana Teresa Peña Hernández, who is now pursuing a Doctorate in Gender studies in Mexico City. The workshop for the American market was based on this first workshop and was designed and taught by our general manager at OLAKAC. We thank Citlali Zamora for her graphic design of the slides and Diego Avila for his support in the editing of the videos.


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