Project Description

⏰ 📖 : 3 min.

1st GTBA – Casa Betti & Fundación Paidi (II group) – Seed Bombs

Category: Germinating Ties
Date: July 2019

New children of Fundación Paidi accompanied by some well-known friends returned to visit the elder ladies from Casa Betti for a new quarter of Germinating Ties Between with great enthusiasm and joy. For this visit, the “Life Bombs” workshop was held, which aims to learn about the method of agriculture created by Japanese Masanobu Fokuoka.
To carry out this activity, five teams were formed. They were first briefly shared about the agriculture technique to be carried out. After that, they were individually given the task of mixing dirt plus a little limestone powder and water to make their seed bombs of cilantro, lettuce and radish. Each of the beneficiaries made their life bombs to later bury them in a place where they can germinate.
To close the activity they were read the story of the small seed of the author M. Ortega, where both the minors and the grandmothers reflected on the importance of having respect for others, of valuing oneself and recognizing that, despite being different, each one has skills and characteristics that make them unique.
To conclude both groups said goodbye hugging and remembering that they will meet once more.


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