Project Description

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1st GTBA – CDP & Casa Alianza – “Grandparent’s Rally”

Category: Germinating Ties
Date: January 2020

For the first time, a group of eleven teenagers from Casa Alianza visited the elderly of Casa de la Divina Providencia. Punctual, they arrived excited to live the experience of a Germinating Ties event. On this occasion, the “Grandparents Rally” activity was carried out, which means that the participants can work in teams and enjoy fun activities together that will help them generate bonds between them. After their arrival, the teenagers took a seat next to the grandparents, who were already waiting for them and gave them a loud welcome applause. As it was their first time together, they were explained what the “Germinating Ties” project was and why it is important to foster healthy relationships between different generations. Then breathing exercises were done to clear the mind of negative thoughts and for the energy to balance. Each team, made up of older adults and teenagers, was able to introduce themselves to each other and discuss their origin, their favorite activities and their life history in general. Then, they were able to start with the “challenges” that the rally presents to them, which they have to perform in order to move on to the final exercise, which is a competition between all the teams. “Tell me a story”; “Solve the riddles” and “This is my garden” are the names of activities they had to do. All of them promote collective work and allow a dialogue between the different participants, sharing the past stories of grandparents and the present life of adolescents, exercising the mind in solving riddles and recounting the lessons that older adults have had in the urban garden. Finally, they were able to perform the physical challenge of “Balls in the bucket”, where each team chose their representatives to carry balls between their legs (without dropping them) and deposit them in the corresponding bucket. Whoever had the most balls won! It was a time of many laughs and fun. As everything ends at some point, after enjoying each other’s company, a couple of boys shared how grateful and happy they were in the meeting. Five girls gave adornments that they made to different grandmothers. As always, older adults sang their goodbye cheer, thanking them for being there. Before leaving, the teenagers were able to visit the urban garden. They were surprised and expressed curiosity and desire to continue learning with the elders from CDP.


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