Project Description

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1st GTBA – CDP & Hogares Providencia – Seedlings and Plant Care

Category: Germinating Ties
Date: October 2019

For the first time boys and girls from the foster home Hogares Providencia visited Casa de la Divina Providencia to attend their first reunion of the “Germinating Ties Between Associations” program.
After getting a bit lost on the way to CDP (for being its first time), the group of 11 girls and boys between 4 and 12 years of age were received with an applause. When they arrived, everything was ready for them to work with the elderly. The activity that opened these visits was “Planting of seedlings and general care of the garden”. After one of the members of OLAK AC welcomed them and explained to them about the history of the veggie garden and the GTBA project, the minors were integrated with the older adults in six teams. They introduced themselves and talked a few minutes with the elderly. Followed by that, each team carried out one of the following activities: Measurement of humidity, irrigation and application of neem with garlic to the plants of the garden; Beer traps for snails, cleaning and placement; Oil monochromatic traps and remove aphids from lettuce; Feed vermicompost and check moisture; Feed compost and check moisture; Egg shell grinding and application to planting beds for calcium intake.
The children were able to learn from the words of the grandparents all the routines and care techniques so that their garden is healthy and productive, they could also share some stories that unite them, since some children had grown up in the field and talked with some grandparents about what they sowed and what they missed most about living there. While some children – especially the youngest ones – arrived a little shy, with a few minutes they became interested in learning and sharing with grandparents.
When they finished the garden-greenhouse care routine, they made some seedlings for the garden with their same teams, to maintain a stock of seedlings. The seeds they occupied were carrot, basil, parsley and simpson lettuce. Amazed and with their hands full of dirt they promised to return in a month to continue sharing with the grandparents and to see how their seedlings grew, and learn more about cultivation and the environment. Finally, and as always, the ladies and gentlemen of CDP sang their famous cheer that verses how grateful they are to be with them after a very happy day.


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