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2nd GTBA – Casa Betti & Fundación Paidi (II group) – Trash Separation Workshop

Category: Germinating Ties
Date: August 2019

For the second time, the second group of children from Fundacion PAIDI to participate in the “Germinating Ties” project with the ladies of Casa Betti, arrived with great energy to learn and share with them.
For this meeting, the “Waste Separation Workshop” was organized, which reinforces or teaches the correct separation of waste and also to think about the importance of the “R’s of sustainability” in everyday life.
After they greet each other effusively, five videos linked to the subject were screened. The first one was a short clip from “Wall-e” where he is seen working, which refers to recycling and shows how much garbage of different types (even things that one does not imagine) exist in waste dumps. The second video teaches why the “R’s” are important and necessary in very simple words and examples. The third showed how the seas are contaminated in exorbitant ways and the consequences that this entails. The fourth video taught them the regulations for the separation of waste in Mexico City, and finally with the fifth one, they were able to learn about the first-hand experience of a garbage collection worker in the city, important to raise awareness towards these people, who unfortunately have a job stigmatized but essential.
After this projection, fortunately all the children had very positive and precise participation on the problem of waste. As a reinforcing learning exercise, boys and girls with grandmothers gathered in different teams and separated garbage that part of the OLAKAC team had been given to the task of collecting in advance and that was arranged in a disorderly manner at the tables where they worked. The way they separated it corresponds to the regulations of Mexico City, which is as follows: organic waste, non-recyclable inorganic waste, recyclable inorganic waste and special handling and bulky waste.
All the teams did fantastic and finally shared some thoughts on how to reduce their waste in everyday life, reuse some things and recycle others, remembering, by the way, the workshop they too before about the reuse of plastic containers.
It was definitely a successful meeting that reminded us of the importance of bringing together children with older adults. Be on the lookout for more news, since there are good surprises from both groups coming soon!


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