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2nd GTBA – CDP & Casa Alianza – “Veggie Garden Care and Seedlings”

Category: Germinating Ties
Date: February 2020

The group of teenagers from Casa Alianza home visited the older adults of Casa de la Divina Providencia again for a GTBA workshop. On this occasion seven new kids from the home joined in; they were very happy to be able to share an experience with older adults for the first time.

The “Veggie Garden Care and Seedlings” workshop took place. Its objective is for the beneficiaries to learn the basic care that a garden requires and learn to develop their own seedlings. Before getting down to work, they did some mantra exercises that consist of vocalizing the letters a, e, i, o and u. After the exercises that both older adults and teenagers performed to clear themselves and place themselves in the here and now, they played the “bottle game”,which purpose is for the team members to introduce their teammates and mention a quality that they have observed in them. This dynamic allowed both groups to express positive thoughts about their peers.

For the care of the garden five teams were formed. The first one was in charge of irrigation, where each of its members took their showers and in an equitable way they gave themselves to the task of watering. The second team was responsible for changing the beer traps, which serve to attract snails and slugs. The third team was responsible for removing the dried leaves and putting the signs with the names of the different vegetables that are inside the garden among them: celery, tomato, carrot, lettuce and beet. The fourth one was responsible for feeding the earthworm and reviewing the homemade compost. Finally, the fifth team was responsible for applying neem tea accompanied by potassium soap and diatomaceous earth for the prevention of pests such as aphids and white flies.

After the care of the garden by teams, they made three seedlings with different seeds of long lettuce, sangria lettuce, spearhead lettuce, carrot, arugula and radish.

To finish up the activity, the kids said goodbye to their “grandparents” giving the most participative members of their team an eye of God as a symbol of friendship. The teenagers explained to them that the eye of God represents the birth of a child in the Wixarica culture and it’s a knitted symbol or prayer that they use to protect them from the evils they will face.

The elders said goodbye with their traditional farewell cheer and told the teens that they will be waiting for them with great joy for their next visit.


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