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2nd GTBA – CDP & Hogares Providencia – Knowledge Fair

Category: Altruismo
Date: November 2019

Sharing is one of the most tender acts among humans. In the second GTBA between children of Providencia Foster Home and the elderly of Casa de la Divina Providencia, the grandmothers and grandparents had to share knowledge acquired throughout their lives through the activity “Knowledge Fair”, in which they led the following workshops: “Use of basic tools”; “Basic sewing workshop”; “Knitted with hook”; “Development of bracelets” and “Embroidery”.
Weeks in advance, the elder adults and the OLAKAC team coordinated to make this activity work as well as possible. The elders were very excited to know that they would be the children’s teachers for the day.
Having no idea what they were going to do on this occasion, the children arrived. The first thing they did was visit the greenhouse to check how their seedlings were coming along. They checked that the garden had no aphids and were amazed to see how the lettuces and tomatoes had grown. Upon leaving the greenhouse, they saw that there were several tables, each with a different workshop and workshop teachers. The idea of ​​the knowledge fair is that all of the children that visit can take all the workshops offered by grandparents. In groups of 3 or 4, children visit a workshop and, after 20 minutes, they change to the next one (next table). That way everyone can meet all of the teachers and learn from them.
The Knowledge Fair was a success. The children were surprised to learn next to the grandparents, who were patient and very generous. They were able to make bracelets to give to their loved ones; they learned the names of some tools: hammer, screwdriver, tweezers, nails, locks, saw, and to use them in the best way trying to build simple structures; they learned how to patch socks and sow hems for their pants; they embroidered different drawings referring to the garden and learned the basic knitting stitches to make a scarf or a beanie. Time passed very quickly and the Germinating Ties event ended.
Many children did not want to leave but thanked the time and the love with which they were received. The grandmothers had a surprise: juices and chocolates for the kids to have on their way back to their home. At the very end, the festive atmosphere followed: the cheer of the CDP seniors (which verses about how grateful they are to share with the visiting children), hugs, kisses and emotion for sharing.


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