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2nd GTBA – CDP & Yolia – “Trash Separation” Workshop

Category: Germinating Ties
Date: November 2019

For the third time, Casa Yolia Niñas de la Calle A.C. visited the grandparents of Casa de la Divina Providencia. On this occasion, the foster home invited a group of children and adolescents with whom they work regularly (that are also in a disadvantage situation) who had the opportunity to mingle with the elderly and meet them.
For this encounter, the waste separation workshop was held. The purpose of this workshop is for the participants to learn how to correctly separate the different types of garbage and contribute to the care of the environment around them. They watched a series of videos that exemplified the way in which we can separate our different “types of trash” (organic, inorganic, hazardous materials and bulky materials), and how the ocean is over polluted with plastic and shows the impact it generates on the ocean and the life of sea animals. These videos allowed both older and younger adults to share the way they contribute to stop using plastic bags, styrofoam, and PET plastic bottles, mentioning that they now prefer to use cloth bags to transport their purchases or use reusable bottles for their coffee or water.
After the presentation of these videos, six teams were formed. The group of young people attending for the first time introduced themselves to the adult members of their table. Ater the presentation, each team put into practice their recently acquired knowledge, and with materials that were prepared by the OLAKAC team, they separated different types of garbage that included: aluminum, pet, newspaper, tetrapack, organic matter, cardboard and medicine packaging.
To end this visit, the elderly sang their traditional “cheer song” and asked this new group to return. The children were not left behind and responded with another cheer song! To conclude with this reunion, this group of children were taken to visit the greenhouse El Vergel del Castillo, so that they could observe the work that the grandparents have done with their veggie garden.


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