Project Description

3rd GTBA – Casa Betti & Ayuda y Solidaridad con las Niñas – Orchard Care

Category: Germinating Ties
Date: October 2018

For the third time, the girls and teenagers from Ayuda y Solidaridad visited the elder ladies from Casa Betti. The purpose for this Germinating Ties was to know more and learn from experience about the caring of an orchard, developing more consciousness about how food is grown and what it takes in care and time to have them grow.
Three teams were formed between the girls and the elders. One team’s mission was to get rid of the weeds and undesired plants from the tables, irrigation and preparing the dirt. The second team’s goal was to supervise the vermicompost (the earthworms), feed them and water them correctly. The third team planted a few seed bombs: parsley, mini-sunflower and parsnip, making also the marking signs to distinguish which seed is planted where. After they finished that task, they all helped paste some beautiful adhesive vinyls designed and donated by @Citlali Zamora, that feature the orchard’s name “La Huerta de Casa Betti” , veggies and butterflies. The girls worked with loving, patient and empathic grannies. At the end, a circle of thought was organized where together they discussed the true value of food, harvest and the work of the farmers.