Project Description

⏰ 📖 : 4 min.

3rd GTBA – CDP & Hogares Providencia – Greenhouse Memory Game

Category: Germinating Ties
Date: February 2020

For the third time, in the sunny garden of Casa de la Divina Providencia, elder adults and girls and a boy from Hogares Providencia met. The activity that brought them together this time was the “Greenhouse Memory Card Game” which consists in collectively creating a memory card game with motifs from the veggie garden: shovels, buckets, earthworms, tomato plants, lettuce, watering cans, bees, among other objects related to the greenhouse. The intention is that the participants can identify some elements that can be found at their veggie garden and that can talk about them.
For this, the girls made teams with the elderly and colored the pairs of cards with the same colors. The coloring activity relaxed young and old and while they reflected their creativity with colors, they talked about how they had been and things they had done lately.
Before the end of their reunion, they were able to play some memory card rounds, which is a very fun and beneficial game that reinforces memory and keeps the brain occupied. Some of the elder ladies and gentlemen had never played it and did not know what it was, so the girls patiently explained them.
Finally the elder adults sang their cheer that sings about how grateful they are to be with the kids. The elders gifted the kids some juice boxes for the strong heat he was making and some delicious cookies for their way back home.


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