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3rd GTBA – CDP & Yolia – Fanzine “Caring for the Environment”

Category: Germinating Ties
Date: March 2019

Happy and excited, the elders of Casa de la Divina Providencia I.A.P. received a group of girls from the foster home YOLIA A.C.
Before both groups got together to carry out the activities of this meeting, the girls visited the garden “El Vergel del Castillo” and learned through the storytelling of the OLAKAC collaborators the history of this space and how it has worked through almost three years. The minors also shared their concerns and gave us ideas for activities that will be coordinated for future meetings.
When they finally got together, they were distributed in four teams to carry out the “Caring for the Environment” workshop. The main objective of this workshop is to prepare a fanzine with proposals and reflections on what each participant can do to take care of their environment. To begin the activity, breathing and mantralization exercises were performed to balance the energy of both groups of beneficiaries. They also moved parts of their body to activate them. When they were done, they had a few minutes to break the ice between girls and grandparents, introducing themselves to each other with their name and age.
The following activity opened a dialogue to find out the information that girls and elder adults had on the subject with questions such as: What is the environment? What problems related to the environment do you identify in your day to day? What have you done to counteract these problems? The girls, very participative, were able to exchange their ideas with the grandmothers and grandfathers and agreed that changes to the environment affect us all. For the same reason, each one made a personal commitment answering the question: What are the actions that I can do in my daily life to take care of the environment? Some said: “Do not throw trash on the street”; “Do not pollute the sea”; “Take care of animals and plants” and “Pick up the trash around me”.
Now that they had enough information collected thanks to this dialogue, each team set about creating a fanzine, which are self-made publications (DIY) with materials on hand (magazine clippings, paper, colors) and can be done with various techniques and talk about different topics. Everyone released their imagination and with the materials they had on the table they made drawings, texts, stamps with leaves from the garden that they finally joined so that each team had their own publication. When they finished, some presented their fanzine to the other teams. There were very beautiful materials with messages that showed how to protect the environment.
The activity had to end and to do it, the girls from YOLIA said goodbye to the elder adults singing a beautiful song about friendship. To answer them, the grandparents sang their popular cheer “Thank you for being here.”


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