Project Description

4th GTBA – Casa Betti & Ayuda y Solidaridad con las Niñas – Balloon Game

Category: Germinating Ties
Date: November 2018

For this visit, the little ones from Ayuda y Solidaridad Foster Home arrived to Casa Betti to share with the elder ladies their next “Germinating Ties” event focused on physical and mental health. We started with a ball game (which in this occassion were air-inflated balloons), where teams of girls and grannies were organized. The mission to accomplish is have them practice team playing, attention to their teammates and fun interaction between the two generations. The girls had to pay attention to the instructions, as well as the grannies, and together in an orderly fashion and without cheating they have to bust as many balloons as possible. The elder ladies participated happily in the different roles: some were handing the inflated balloons to the contestants, others were at the other end of the line breaking the balloons and the rest were cheering on the teams. When all the balloons were all gone, we counted the leftover “knots” inside each bucket to determine the winning team, who received a cheer and applause, and everyone got a piece of candy at the end of the game. For the second part of the GTBA, Coral guided the participants in a meditation to help them relax and clear their minds. Both groups (the girls and the grannies) enjoyed it very much and they were happy with both parts of the activity. They parted lovingly from each other, ready for their next adventure together.