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4th GTBA – Casa Betti & Casa Paidi – “Knowledge Fair”

Category: Germinating Ties
Date: November 2018

For the fourth Germinating Ties reunion between the kids from Casa Paidi and the elder ladies from Casa Betti, they had one of the nicest workshops: the “Knowledge Fair” is where the elders are the leaders of the event and they teach the kids some of their own knowledge. The weather was favorable to have the encounter within the orchard and its surrounding garden/patio. When the children arrived, they ran to greet “their grannies” with hugs and kisses, ready to start. Belen showed them embroidery, while Angie and Annie gave them English vocabulary, Tere gave them a pop-quiz for general knowledge, Cristina was in charge of drawing class and Elvia showed them how to dance a typical Mexican song. All the kids attended all of the workshops, some took their creations home and others gave them to their favorite granny. Both the kids and the ladies had a great time: the elder ladies were very active and happy giving some of themselves to the next generation, and they were very happy to learn something from their favorite teachers. Before they left, some of the girls gave them some loving words and poems to the grannies and a cheer, inviting them to their Christmas party at their foster home and impatiently waiting for their last meeting of the year 2018 in a fortnight.


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