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4th GTBA – CB & Paidi-2 – Knowledge Fair

Category: Germinating Ties
Date: October 2019

For the fourth time, the second group of the PAIDI Foundation (children’s foster home) visited the grandmothers of Casa Betti. With great emotion and empathy they were ready to share and learn together.

To close its first quarter of participation, the “Knowledge Fair” workshop was held. The objective is for the elder adults to teach minors something that they know how to do. This makes them the protagonists of the event as they become “the teachers”, and it allows girls and boys to appreciate and recognize everything they can learn from an elder.
The elder ladies organized themselves to have the opportunity to share their learning and skills through a workshop. Six workshops were formed that were attended by groups of four children for around 15-20 minutes, to then rotate to the next table (workshop) so that each group had the opportunity to participate in all the different activities.
The first workshop was taught by Martha, who shared with them one of their main skills through a basic drawing workshop, where she taught them to draw silhouettes of a glass, star and moon showing them how to give light and shadow to the figures. The second was in charge of Angie, who expressed to the children the benefit of coloring through the mandala workshop: she told them how from coloring shapes that are repeated and form figures helped her get out of a state of depression. The third workshop was directed by Anny, who helped to improve the English pronunciation of places, crafts and other vocabulary, based on graphic material such as pictures and vignettes. The fourth workshop was conducted by teacher Tere, who prepared for them a singing workshop with children’s songs. The fifth was taught by Lulis, who brought different ceramic figures (soccer ball, stars and moons) and shared his painting techniques through the ceramic painting workshop. The sixth was in charge of María Cristina, Belén and Domi, who taught their embroidery techniques in the cross stitch workshop, where the children had the opportunity to embroider different figures they drew such as: tree leaves, roses, cats and even the logo of their favorite soccer team.
The children of the PAIDI foundation were surprised by the knowledge and skills of “their grannies” and thanked each “teacher” for their participation, asking them to have more time for each workshop for the next occassion. They all loved it!


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