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4th GTBA – SPT “Vida Independiente” & CDP – Stimulating the Senses

Category: Germinating Ties
Date: November 2019

For several months the group of Independent Living of the foster home Sumando Por Ti, made up of five teenage women, went to Casa de la Divina Providencia to share with the elderly through workshops and activities they organized.
One of the goals of this alternate model of the program (where the beneficiaries become the organizers) is that they commit themselves and learn to plan activities that stimulate the elders. Therefore, they needed the commitment, dedication and organization for this to happen. With this work they acquired these skills and at the same time the elder adults benefited from their activities.
Due to school starting soon for them, this group will temporarily stop attending GTBA meetings. However, they prepared with a lot of affection a farewell activity that made the grandparents pay attention to all their senses.
They arranged different materials that stimulated the senses in five different tables. On the first table we worked with the sense of sight and memory: there were several covered objects, which were uncovered for 30 seconds and covered again so the participants had to remember and name them. The second table was for taste, where there were several condiments and sauces that the grandparents tasted and tried to guess what they were while they were blindfolded. The table for the sense of touch was somewhat similar: blindfolded, the participants had to touch and guess what texture they felt. The smell table consisted of starting to smell different leaves and plants, remember what their names were and what they are used for. The last table was about sight, coordination and memory, as there was a mini bowling alley that they had to learn to master, as well as a memorama from Mexico City.
The dynamic was that each table performed an activity, and then the materials were changed with the next table, so that the adults could have all the sensory experiences that the girls prepared for them
When they finished, they reflected on the importance of feeling and caring for all our five senses. Some grandparents were sad because they knew that for a few months they would stop seeing this group of girls who are now their friends, so they advised them to study, take advantage of their opportunities and come back to visit them as soon as they could.
The girls shared their learnings throughout this experience: not only being able to organize activities, but also for the patience, affection and attention received.
At the very end, a few of them were crying a little. The elders sang their farewell cheer and promised that it would be a “see you soon” and not a “forever goodbye”.


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