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5tg GTBA – CB & Paidi-2 – Grannies’ Rally

Category: Germinating Ties
Date: November 2019

For the fifth time, the second group of children from PAIDI foster home visited Casa Betti‘s grandmothers to continue generating friendship and learning ties through their participation in the Germinating Ties Between Associations project. This time, the “Grannies’ Rally” workshop was held, whose objective is to generate mobility, exercise, teamwork and communication in the participants, thus exercising body and mind.
 For this activity, a Rally was prepared, which was divided into four work stations in which each team composed of girls, boys and grandmothers took on the task of organizing and planning the way in which they would meet each of the challenges.

In the first task they were asked to solve a series of logical-mathematical exercises that consisted of guessing the number of squares and triangles that were inside a figure, they were told a series of puzzles to solve, and then a word search. The second task was to elaborate a story in which the older and younger adult participants will tell how the relationship between the two groups takes place and where the grandmothers were protagonists sharing their stories of the past, writing on a sheet of paper their shared stories. For the third activity, they were asked to draw on paper how their ideal veggie garden would be, what plants they would like to plant, if within their garden they would have animals and which would be resulting in different drawings where they visualized their orchard with different vegetables, fruit trees , cows, pigs and chickens. For the fourth and last part of the rally, the members of each team chose a representative who had to deposit the greatest number of balls inside a bucket, while their teammates supported them with cheers. 
To close their last GTBA of the year, the children said goodbye to the grandmothers wishing them the best for the holiday season and thanking everyone for the shared meetings, also inviting them to their Christmas party for the following week.


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