Project Description

5th GTBA – Casa Betti & Casa Paidi – Traditional Posada!

Category: Germinating Ties
Date: December 2018

The year ends and also with it does the first trimester of Germinating Ties between Casa Betti elder ladies and Casa Paidi foster children.
To celebrate sharing and learning together with wonderful children, the elder ladies decided to organize a surprise “posada” for the youngsters of Caisa Paidi as a closing event to say “thank you” and to further stretch the bonds that they “knitted” during these months while they learned together in the workshops and took care of their first sprouts in the orchard.
After making the dutiful stop into the greenhouse to check the plants and spray them with a bit of vermicompost-based fertilizer, they reunited with “their grandmas” on the front patio to begin the celebration’s activities. The first one in line was to sing the traditional “posada” group songs. Afterwards, it was time to break the two piñatas – the first one for the kids, the second one for the elder ladies and the staff teams. It was an all-in-all festive environment, sweet and loving as the bonds between the elder ladies and the foster kids are honest and strong.
After eating the piñata candy and some ice cream, some of the “grandma’s” requested the microphone to publicly thank the kids for coming to their home and the work shops and to reinforce their interest to continue. In the same fashion, some of the bravest kids took the microphone as well and stated that they consider the ladies as their real grandmas and a real part or their family.
To close the event, they treated them to dinner in their common dining room, where they shared chicken “tostadas” and some punch. To say goodbye, they hugged each other and promised to see each other next year to continue cultivating not only their veggies but their shared love and friendships.