Project Description

5th GTBA – CDP & Recobro – Intergenerational Dancing

Category: Germinating Ties
Date: November 2018

Fifteen women from Centro Recobro arrived to Casa de la Divina Providencia (CDP) for the fifth time, where they were greeted warmly by the elders who were waiting for their meet to take place.
Before starting their physical health – oriented workshop, they worked together on the caring tasks of the orchard. They watered the plants, set the harmful insects traps, removed sick leaves and applied neem tea.
In this GTBA the activity was “Intergenerational Dancing”, where the goal is to physically activate the elders and the youngsters with a fun activity with music of different types: cumbias, danzón and rock and roll among others. Everybody let themselves go and decided to feel the rhythm and move their bodies. After a bit more than an hour’s workout, they parted goodbyes with hugs and good wishes, longing for their last GTBA reunion of the year in a fortnight.


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