Project Description

6th GTBA – Casa Betti & Ayuda y Solidaridad con las Niñas – Traditional Posada!

Category: Germinating Ties
Date: December 2018

To close the first trimester working together in the “Germinating Ties” project between the girls from the foster home “Ayuda y Solidaridad con las Niñas” and the elders from “Casa Betti”, the latter organized a nice event in their home to celebrate day December holidays. They welcome the girls lovingly, and after hugging everybody they each took side with their favorite grandma. They all reunited in the front patio where Casa Betti’s director explained the Mexican tradition of the “Posada”. We divided the girls and their elders in two groups: those inside representing the shelter and those outside represented The Holy Family. They all sang the corresponding lyrics, as the elders had everything prepared including the candles, the printed lyrics and candy for the children. After the singing was done, the next activity was to break the piñata, which was happily destroyed by both girls and grannies alike. It was a very fun and delicious moment, in which they shared not only the candy from the piñata but also ice cream. Then the ladies gave the girls two surprises: the first was a Christmas card where they expressed them their love and care for them; the second one was an invitation to have dinner together with them at their dining room. They all sat together and joined their favorite Granny’s in a nice meal, where they note only shared their food but also a daily routine for the grannies (meal time). It was no doubt a very special evening. We think profoundly the girls and the grannies for their enthusiastic participation in the encounters, as well as all of the personnel and administrative managers of both homes for helping out to make it possible.