Project Description

⏰ 📖 : 4 min.

6th GTBA – CB & Paidi 2 – Veggie Garden Memory Card Game

Category: Germinating Ties
Date: January 2020

For the sixth time and after two months of not seeing each other, the second group of Fundación PAIDI visited their grandmothers from Casa Betti. On this visit, two new children joined, who were very happy to meet the elder ladies and share new lessons with their classmates. In this meeting, the “Veggie Garden Memorama” workshop was held, which aims to encourage the creativity of both groups of participants (elder adults and children) for the creation of their own garden memorama in addition to strengthening their concentration and memory.

To start with the activity they were asked to divide into four teams. Each team had nine members, who were given the task of coloring the different cards that would form their memory card game. Each team had the opportunity to color a series of images where plants such as carrots, celery, lettuce, onion, radish, tomato, chard, roses and lavender were found, then some tools that are necessary for the care of the garden such as buckets, shovels, showers, and some insects that can be seen inside the garden as bees, worms or snails were also illustrated. While each team was given the task of coloring and preparing their cards to make way for a game, the children did not miss the opportunity to talk with the grandmothers and tell them what they did during the holiday season and during their vacation period. In the same way, they told them about the various activities they did during the months that they didn’t see each other. To finalize the activity, the teams began to play memorama. Between laughs and talks, grandmothers and children looked for each of the pairs of cards that they themselves had prepared for the game. In the end the children said goodbye with hugs, thanking the grandmothers for the time shared during this encounter.


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