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Evolution of the Orchard at Casa de la Divina Providencia

Category: Germinating Ties
Date: August 2019

Time flew by, and two years have passed since we installed our first OLAKAC orchard in Casa de la Divina Providencia (CDP). With much effort and creativity, we set up our first tables or sowing beds in the garden of the elder daycare home. Among the collaborators of our association and volunteers, we assembled everything “by hand” with recycled and / or economical but useful materials. Since we began to assemble the bases for the beds, the grandparents who attend the beautiful home were eager to participate. Several hands specialized in urban agriculture passed through our garden, which the grandparents baptized as “El Vergel del Castillo”, contributing to a greater or lesser extent to its evolution. Because CDP is located in an area of Mexico City where the weather is colder and wetter, obtaining a harvest was a work of several months. Little by little we adapted roofs (made of greenhouse plastic) to avoid excess water caused by heavy rains and hailstorms that are frequent in that area, as well as lateral protections to keep the heat inside and the animals outside. Even with the weather against us, the effort of Master in Agroecology Verenice Pérez, the elders and the collaborators, the harvests in the last year have been abundant enough to stock the kitchen at least once a week. Even so, we knew that the current state of the garden, although we built it from scratch with a lot of love, was not the optimum space to achieve our goals, so we sought to raise enough funds to be able to set up a greenhouse like the one we placed in Casa Betti. Since CDP has a large space with a cement floor, the feasibility existed to install the greenhouse without much challenge.
Today, thanks to the effort and support of all the people who contribute to the survival of this project, it has been possible to install a greenhouse in CDP. Now, our two groups of older adults (CDP and Casa Betti) have a closed and professional space to grow their vegetables free of chemicals and teach the little ones that visit them from the foster homes Like the Casa Betti greenhouse, the Al Natural team carried out and installed the structure and the four bio-intensive planting beds, two of regular height and two lower beds to include the participation of those who assist in wheelchairs. Very soon we will have the joy of sharing photos of the official opening. Thanks again to Dr. Andrew Kluger for his support, to Alejandrina Franzoni (director of CDP) for all the facilities to achieve this new building, to Julian, Gabriel, Daniel, Mara, Maritza and the staff of CDP for everything their support and help in the details, to Daniel Cuéllar and Leonardo de Al Natural for leaving the greenhouse very well installed, and Ana Peña, Coral Gómez and Carolina Hernández for the intense work of coordination, disassembly of the previous garden and assistance in the production of this new space. The elders of Casa de la Divina Providencia, as well as the girls and boys who visit them, will have a greater benefit because you made it possible. Thank you 3,000.


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