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Gender Equality Culture Workshops – Palo Alto & San Francisco, CA. – October 2019

Category: Gender Equality Workshop
Date: October 2019

We are happy to share that the partnership between OLAKAC and GenderBridge has yielded good results so far for both parties, as well as for the advancement in the cause of Gender Equality/Equity in the workplace.

Twenty three very smart and succesful, diverse employees between 26-42 y/o, working in a leading edge blockchain-tech startup, received the legally compliant, interactive, two-hour in-person training developed by the OLAKAC team “Gender Equality Culture – Sexual Harassment Prevention”. We trained two groups on the first date (AM and PM) and a third one (on a different office location) on a different date (also AM). To make the most of this workshop, we recommend our clients to schedule the training sessions in the morning (AM), since teams (employees) tend to be less wrapped up in their daily to-do’s making them better listeners.

We adapt our presentation to our audience’s professional profile to make the case scenarios relatable, but we do insist in keeping groups at a maximum of 15 participants per session since their timely and opportune interaction and participation is an important part of the workshop’s effectiveness to influence behavior. It has to be taken into consideration that this has to be done in two hours and include a five minute break.

Although this instructive and compulsory educational class and certificate can be taken online (and GenderBridge does offer that option), many clients prefer in-person training sessions for their staff. This is due to the noted stronger impact and retention power that in-person training has on students due in great part by the ability to ask questions and address particular concerns and do so in a small, relatable group.

The results of the enter-and-exit interviews from these past three sessions described here were very positive, with 20/23 recommendations and 18/23 believing that the workshop will have an impact in how their coworkers behave in their workplace.

*For privacy reasons we can’t share additional pictures.


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