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La Huerta de Casa Betti – Orchard Wednesdays – 10 Months of Work

Category: Germinating Ties
Date: August 2019

Ten months have passed since «La Huerta en Casa Betti» was inaugurated on October 1st, 2018. The group of ladies who participate has remained constant. As the inevitable cycle of life sentences, we have had to say bittersweet eternal goodbyes to some of them, but we have also warmly welcomed new members. Every week, 15 ladies on average attend their 3:00 pm appointment on time at the greenhouse. At a rapid pace or step by step they arrive walking, some leaning on their walkers, others in a wheelchair, but all happy to start their class. As every Wednesday, Kintsugi collaborators and the urban agriculture specialist guide the care of the veggie garden, as there is always something to do besides watering or pruning. The activities are designed so that they can do them with motivation and without much effort, in addition to being distributed according to preference and capacity. “Teacher Tere”, as everyone calls her affectionately, is the one who usually passes the list. This very limited selection of photos show María Cristina, Elvia and Annie pruning and harvesting, while Cristina and Josefina grind the eggshells that are given to us from the kitchen of Casa Betti to add it to the plants. Angelita and Maritere prepare the salad they share together at the end of their work. Coral, Caro and Diana, from the OLAKAC team, always accompany them to assist them and help them in whatever is needed. Other activities they perform include preparation of natural pesticide based on garlic, natural fertilizers with earthworm humus, pest traps, seedling preparation and planting.


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