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(Re) Inauguration of the Casa de la Divina Providencia Greenhouse

Category: Germinating Ties
Date: September 2019

Almost a month ago, the outdoor garden of Casa de la Divina Providencia, called “El Vergel del Castillo”, became a greenhouse vegetable garden thanks to the donation of BookBank USA and Dr. Andrew Kluger. The decision to turn it into a greenhouse was taken by observing that the microclimate that exists in that area of the CDMX is too humid and encourages the appearance of fungi and viruses in plants. In addition, the area where the garden was located was difficult for some older adults to access and lacked sufficient hours of sunshine.
Since the morning of Thursday, September 12, we were going to welcome Dr. Andy Kluger and that the director of Casa de la Divina Providencia IAP went through an unforeseen event that did not allow her to be at the inauguration, we decided to celebrate a second “ribbon cutting” ceremony. The elder adults gathered to greet the man who generously makes this project possible. An OLAKAC team member welcomed everyone, reminding the elders of the physical, mental and emotional benefits that the garden provides to them. Afterwards, the director of CDP, Alejandrina Franzoni, thanked again this donation and stressed how important this garden has been for both the institution, as well as for the elderly and children of homes that have visited them in the “Germinating Ties Between Associations” of OLAKAC. Dr. Andy emphasized the importance of sharing between generations, positioning older adults as subjects with great knowledge and life teachings, who can fill with love and guide the little ones from the foster homes.
Finally two ladies participating in the garden, manifested their appreciation, mentioning the satisfaction they get from taking care of their plants and committing to continue doing what is necessary to keep the garden healthy and productive, inviting Dr. Andy to share with them a vegetable salad in the coming future.


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