The project that gave birth to this associaction is the short story materialized in an illustrated story book titled: “El Árbol o Recuento de una Vida Inanimada”. The writer always envisioned this story accompanied by illustrations since she enjoys that book format. At the right time, Sadpolka the illustrator and Tanialeph the editor and book producer, and together they created and published their first illustrated story book in hard cover.

The story was written in Mexico in Spanish in 2010, illustrated until 2014 and published May 2015 under Ediciones Patoganso with a printed first edition of 1,000 books. In 2016 a bilingual (English-Spanish) edition was printed with 500 copies. It has an average reading time of 20 minutes, and it also exists as a Spanish audiobook with the voice of the father of the author. The audiovisual book is still in production. The book shape is horizontal letter size (28 cm x 21 cm) and weighs 500 gms. The Spanish edition ISBN is 978-607-00-8890-2 and bilingual edition is ISBN: 978-607-29-0221-3.

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“Maybe the most significant dimension in life is the one that defines it as a cycle. The value of each of the elements that conform it rests in its finiteness. How can we not appreciate each fruit, each love and each experience, when its essence consists precisely in the fact that at some point they will give way to new days, new cycles, new lives?

This wonderful tale reveals this fundamental idea that places us gently in the wisest of truths: life is a finite present, but loaded with memories and invaluable longings.”

— Back cover text by
Tania Pineda, editor, ©2015