Thank you for wanting to get in touch! You can send us a message to the email address shown or you can use the form below to send your thoughts. In the “Subject” line there’s an option menu that helps you know the subjects you can write to us about. If you don’t find one that relates to your message, please select “Other matters” and write your message on the text field.     If you want to help us, you can do so in different ways but you have to write to us first, please.    You can purchase a ceramic coffee mug ($100mxp) or purchase a t-shirt ($200mxp) with our motto and logo.    You can also hire our “Gender Equality Culture” Interactive Workshop in San Francisco Bay Area, California (our portion of the earnings go to support the Germinating Ties project).     If you want to donate an orchard to an elder home or materials for the existing orchards, please select the subject “I want to donate material(s) for your projects” and tell us what you would like to give.     You may also purchase a “book with cause” ($250mxp) or volunteer for orchard care.    Thank you to everyone who supports us, help us with their time and resources, follow us on our social networks and/or tell others about our projects!



Insurgentes Sur 1431 – 10th Floor, Colonia Mixcoac
Benito Juárez, Mexico City, Mexico. 03910



Mon-Fri 09:00 am a 6:00 pm

Privacy Policy & Personal Information Collection Statement: The personal information you share with us/ send us is intended solely to be used to communicate with you about our activities and/or related matters. ORGANIZACIÓN DE LÍDERES ALTRUISTAS KINTSUGI, A.C. is a Non-Profit Organization located at Insurgentes Sur 1431 Piso 10, Colonia Mixcoac, Delegación Benito Juárez, CDMX, 03910, México. Our fill-out form will ask for your NAME and EMAIL so that we can reply to the message you send to us. We don’t and won’t sell it, commercialize with it, make it public or send you unsolicited information. However, the host servers we rent to allocate our website and url are just as vulnerable to cyber-attacks as any other, so as with any cyber-activity, to keep safe, may we suggest you please use the rules-of-thumb: don’t open emails that might seem odd even if it seems to come from a trusted domain, don’t open attachments if you don’t know what they are, don’t send your private information digitally over any platform, use anti-virus and back-up your information regularly. We don’t and won’t ask for your bank or credit card information. To use the form above to send a message please agree (clicking the button “SEND”) to comply with this disclaimer. Thank you.