Tiempo de lectura: 4 minutos


Our Gender Equality Culture workshop was created in 2017 in Mexico City as an educational tool for company employees to diminish the high rate of gender violence. It was adapted in 2019 to the American – California business environment and rules (in English and Spanish). In the State of California, you’re required to train your staff every year if you have over five employees.

Our introduction into the California market started in San Francisco with a pilot program with Gender Bridge, where we took our on-site training to Silicon Valley tech startups. We then parted ways to fulfill different audiences, as sexual harassment policies become the norm in more US states and corporation systems. We know from participants’ testimonials that our workshop on top of being compliant is engaging, informative and thought-provoking, and it sparks afterthought and conversation on the subject amongst the staff. Groups are limited to 15 participants due to the sensitive nature of some of the content, and the safety of a trusting circle needs to be established amongst the participants.

O.L.A.K.A.C. has ceased to exist as a nonprofit organization so we no longer provide this service, but we will keep this information online throughout most of 2021 as a source of information for those who may see it as a helping tool for their own workshops.



Interactive Workshop for corporate employees in groups of 10-15 participants.


Damages of Sexual Harassment in a company, Gender (definitions, cultural biases) Violence (scope, prevention, actions), Sexual Harassment’s legal aspects, Behavior & Communication in the workplace (do’s and don’ts).


Catalina Veronica Monterrubio – BA Marketing and Intl. Management (Ichthus Rotterdam, 2001)


One single session of two hours with a 10 min. coffee break


We provided this workshop on-site at our clients’ offices in San Francisco Bay Area, California.