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As a not-for-profit organization we wanted to join the collective effort of all others that with their actions build a more sustainable Mexico (ecologically, economically, culturally and socially) because many hands are needed and together we do more. This is why besides having our own projects, we considered it part of our duty to contribute to others, always valuing each other.

We believe in “teaching to catch the fish” as a more long-term solution thank “handing out the fish”, but we are also convinced that everyone who inhabits the Earth has the responsibility to contribute in the caring of the space and time we live in, from the heart and possibility that each one has.

This is why our “altruistic actions” did ask for something in return: that whoever received the benefit, shared it with others, used it to do good or helped us to help out.

Sometimes we exchanged workshops, others professional knowledge, others we contributed with collecting stuff or working tools and sometimes we even developed joint projects. The idea was to have value exchanges that benefited both parts and enriched them in their knowledge, knowing that the true earning was the multiplication of social impact.

We started from our firm conviction that it’s possible to create a more harmonious world if our thoughts, words, emotions and actions are congruent with the following values: respect, love, empathy, equality, honesty, reciprocity and service attitude. Although as humans we are far away from reaching total congruence, we put effort every day to walk towards that goal by choosing to do that which we believe can make a positive change in us, and then, thus, in the world.

Thank you to those who helped us to help!